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The strongest sanction against Russia will be the elimination of the Lukashenko regime

From an interview with Pavel Latushko in a Polish publication

In an interview in the tradition of Polish media interviews are often filmed right in the car on the way to work Pavel Latushka opined that Lukashenko is very much afraid of a Ukrainian counterattack. That is why he has recently been reluctant to transfer ammunition, weapons, and missiles to Russia.

"He foresees a situation where, after the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the war could end on the territory of Belarus. Then he may not have enough money for the war," says the politician.

Latushko notes that this topic can only be discussed theoretically, and stresses that no one wants war in the territory of Belarus. At the same time, soldiers of Kalinowsky regiment keep saying that they will liberate Belarus.

He reminds that Lukashenko gave up the territory of Belarus for aggression against Ukraine. And this is a crime. It is clear that this was agreed with Putin before the war. Therefore, it is a joint war between Lukashenko and Putin.

The politician wonders how to end the war, how to hasten the victory of Ukraine. And he gives his answer:

Lukashenko and Putin
Lukashenko and Putin. Source:

"The harshest sanction that can be applied to Russia is the liquidation of the Lukashenko regime. The fact that Lukashenko is not under the scrutiny of the West is a huge strategic mistake."

Latushka stresses that no one has a strategy on what to do with Lukashenko, except for one country and that country is called the Russian Federation.

The politician notes the erroneous opinion of European politicians that they "should not put pressure on Lukashenko, because otherwise it will bring him closer to Russia.

"Putin hasn't taken Belarus just because he doesn't want to yet. If he wants to, he will. And Lukashenko's role in this is zero," Latushka suggests.

According to Latushko, the West has the tools, but it does not want to use them to support the democratic forces of Belarus.

"We may have high expectations. But in my opinion, rather, the West has an understated desire to use the existing tools. It is necessary to recognize Tihanovskaya as the leader of Belarus and the Transitional Cabinet as the government of Belarus."

Latuszka mentions how he met with the foreign ministers of seven European countries in Poland on September 2, 2020. According to him, then they said: "We will not impose sanctions against Lukashenko. Maybe we can still come to an agreement.

"And it seems that all 30 years of Lukashenko's reign everyone thinks this movie can be revisited. And again they make the same mistakes".

notes the politician and emphasizes: "Strong, sensitive sanctions. Only sanctions that lead to an economic shock. Punishment of criminals.

Pavel Latushka notes that the West has a strategy toward Russia. It is aimed at weakening the army, restricting finance and criminalization of Putin and his associates. But what is the strategy with regard to Belarus?

"As for Lukashenko, the European Union has not imposed any new sanctions over the past year. Is it possible to pursue one strategy against Russia and another against Belarus at the same time, if we actually have a joint union of the two countries?

Today, the biggest threat to Belarus' independence is the Lukashenko regime, which is doing everything to draw Belarus into the embrace of Russia," Lutashko suggests.

The politician notes that Putin wanted to occupy Ukraine by military means, and Belarus by non-military, evolutionary way. And this scenario is being implemented.

"He wanted to eat the main dish - Ukraine - but he couldn't. Got it in my teeth. Now he's aiming for dessert. And he will eat that dessert. It will be Belarus. And the strategy of not having any plans for Lukashenko is a big mistake.

After all, Russia will be in Belarus tomorrow. The only question is whether Putin wants Belarus to be a member of the UN with its flag and vote or not. But before the elections he will have to show the Russians that he has achieved something".

In his reasoning, Latushka mentioned Putin's words to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on February 15, 2022: "Neither Ukraine nor Belarus should exist."

"And what does the West do? Nothing. He is waiting for Putin to implement it," the Belarusian politician suggests.

Pavel Latushka during an interview
Pavel Latushka during an interview. Stop frame video

Latushka also recalled that repression continues in Belarus, detentions are constantly taking place and the number of political prisoners is growing. The level of repressions is the most significant for the last 50 years in Europe. And at the same time, a debate is unfolding in Brussels on whether to impose sanctions against Lukashenko.

"One European country is proposing to lift sanctions on potash fertilizers. They affect the largest enterprise on which Lukashenko illegally makes money. And why do it?

Because there is a famine in the world. But that's not true. The U.N. reported that there is no increase in the price of consumer goods when it comes to prices in dollars or euros.

Second. Our fertilizers have never been sold in Africa. Thirdly, the enterprise "Belaruskali" finances the illegal deportation of children from Ukraine. This is a war crime. But some of our partners offer to lift the sanctions and let Lukashenko make money.

What would Lukashenko make money on? For ammunition, exercises of the Russian troops, construction of new penitentiary institutions, torture of political prisoners," Latushka reasoned.

The interview also touched upon the connection of the victory of Ukraine in the war with the changes in Belarus.

The politician says that the victory of Ukraine will be a motivation for the Belarusian community.

If Putin is weak in this situation, unable to effectively manage the army and send a large number of Russian troops to the territory of Belarus to suppress protests, then there is a chance to change the government. If the Ukrainian victory does not lead to any political problems in Moscow, in this case the situation looks complicated.

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