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What new violations of Belarusians' rights will Lukashenka come up with?

NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich on the deteriorating legal situation in Belarus

Why does the regime intensify repressions against the Belarusians?

Because the protest of the Belarusians has not "disappeared," it continues. Dissatisfaction with Lukashenko's actions lives inside the Belarusans. The loss of contacts with foreign partners, the destruction of the economy, the involvement of Belarus in Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine - all this worries people and makes them act against Lukashenko's regime in one way or another. Accordingly, Lukashenko tries his best to keep the situation under control.

Repressions have become simply total, maximum, absolutely senseless and groundless, so much so that even in a country where "lawlessness" no longer seeks to look into any code or legislative act, they prosecute, use violence and torture simply at their discretion and will.

Should Belarusians be afraid of trials in absentia and deprivation of citizenship?

People who have left Belarus should not be afraid of the very status of criminal prosecution. It is clear that these processes are not the purpose of the regime, but an instrument to deprive people of citizenship, awards, statuses, and property.

While the regime has not yet launched all of these institutions that it plans to implement in full force, I would recommend taking steps to withdraw assets within Belarus to those people who understand that they may have these issues, who are very present in the public space, who really contribute the most to the fight against the regime.

Deprivation of citizenship will not have any consequences for those people who are already outside of Belarus. If necessary, they will be able to apply to state bodies, obtain the appropriate status, and initiate procedures for obtaining certain documents that will allow them to move within the country and abroad when their Belarusian passports expire.

As for the fact that on the basis of loss of citizenship a person will lose some benefits from the Belarusian state, it is clear that people who have been forced to leave Belarus by the regime do not need free Belarusan medicine or education. I do not see any other consequences in connection with the fact that a person will be deprived of the status of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. At the same time, he would remain a Belarusian, and, as I think, a Belarusian with the maximum quality mark.

What further actions by Lukashenko to violate the rights and freedoms of Belarusians can be expected?

It is impossible to predict which articles of the Constitution and legislative acts Lukashenko will continue violating. Only one thing is clear - he will press on until the last day of his life. Because Lukashenko's only goal is to retain power, and he will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

The main thing that Belarusian society should understand is that the Lukashenko regime deprives it daily of quality education, health care, well-being, economic development, and security of citizens both inside and outside of Belarus. And the situation can only change with the change of the Lukashenko regime.



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