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The three force strategy

The fall of Lukashenko's dictatorship - can the EU help?

Speech by Pavel Latushka at a meeting with EU ambassadors on 24 January.

"I have to admit — I am running out of words to describe everything that has happened to our country since 2020.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to you that I have the opportunity to speak about Belarus at such a high level even three years later. And use it to talk about the need for a new EU strategy on Belarus.

The strategy must result in a free, independent, democratic and European Belarus. We can conventionally call this strategy the strategy of the three forces".

Pavel Latushka also spoke at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm on 25 January, where he outlined the areas of strategy and actions that Poland could implement to help Belarusians liberate Belarus and ensure a European future for our country.


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