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Transition period

Vladzimir Astapenka, deputy head of the NAM, spoke at the conference "New Belarus”

The transition period after the end of the Lukashenko regime should be as short as possible: the people of Belarus have long been living without legitimate bodies that would represent their interests. It is still difficult to say when exactly this period will come, but there is no doubt that it will inevitably happen. As there is no doubt in the laws of evolution of social development, which leads to the replacement of dictatorial governments by democratic ones.

The sooner we reach this point, the fewer problems we will have to face and the sooner all sanctions and restrictions will be lifted. What conditions must Belarus meet in order to do so?

  • An end to repression and the release of political prisoners;

  • Investigation of the forced landing of the Ryanair flight and bringing those responsible to justice;

  • an end to complicity in anti-Ukrainian aggression and legal trial of war criminals;

  • accountability of all those responsible for crimes against the Belarusian people.

Against this background, the need to adopt special laws on lustration looms large — not as a way to settle scores with regime politicians and officials, but as an instrument to protect the institutions of fledgling democracy. Most of the "questions" will be asked of those appointed from the president's so-called personnel registry and the direct accomplices of the regime's crimes.

All other competent and active specialists will have a chance to join the cadre reserve of the New Belarus. It will also be based on talented democratically minded young people — the golden fund of the future cadres of the state administration system of New Belarus.


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