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New personnel for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus

New diplomatic personnel are being prepared for the future Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus

As part of the "New Personnel for New Belarus" program, the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, the “National Anti-Crisis Management” team and the "For Freedom" movement, with the support of non-governmental organizations, are conducting special programs to train future civil servants for democratic Belarus.

On December 20, the Institute of Eastern Europe of the University of Warsaw started teaching the third set of the diplomatic course, in which 15 students will take part. Earlier, about 50 Belarusians graduated from the diploma course. The solemn opening ceremony took place in the Column Hall of the University of Warsaw.

The Diplomacy program of Warsaw University is a unique program aimed at training future Belarusian diplomats. The training is conducted in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland with the participation of experienced lecturers and diplomats. The representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, the Head of the NAM, Pavel Latushka, and the Deputy representative of the Cabinet on international relations, the Deputy head of the NAM, Vladzimir Astapenka, also conduct lectures for the students.

"New personnel for New Belarus is our future, during the transit period (from a dictatorship to a democratic country) these are the people who will take responsibility for the most difficult period in the development of our state. You can look around and look at each other. Remember the faces of your fellow students. In a few years, you will be ministers, deputy ministers, directors of departments in the government and local authorities of Belarus," Pavel Latushka addressed the course participants during the ceremonial opening of the training.

"It is important to understand that we should be guided by 3 main guidelines:

INDEPENDENCE. The independence of our Motherland, which today is under threat, is occupied by a foreign state. This is the Belarusian language, this is Belarusian culture and history, this is our Belarusian land, this is the right to choose our own destiny.

EUROPEANNESS. We are a country with a rich European heritage. We have always been part of Europe. Europeanness implies our future is in Europe.

DEMOCRACY. The main challenge for Belarus is the permanence of the power usurped by the dictator. And we must change it, return human rights and freedom to Belarus."

Pavel Latushka thanked the director of the Institute of Eastern Europe of the University of Warsaw Jan Malitsky, the head of the diplomatic service of the Polish MFA Arkady Zhygotsky and representatives of the Diplomatic Academy of the Polish MFA, who also attended the opening ceremony, for the implementation of this course.


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