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United Transitional Cabinet Representative for Foreign Relations

Valery Kavaleuski
Valery Kavaleuski Source:

"Don't leave the Belarusian people alone against aggressive Russia"

Valery Kavaleuski: "The Latvian Saeima appeal to the EU countries to suspend the tourist visas and restrict new entry visas to Belarus citizens shifts the burden of responsibility for the crime of aggression against Ukraine from Aliaksandr Lukashenka and his dictatorial regime to the Belarusian people, the absolute majority of whom oppose this war and have been repressed for more than two years now. We urge the EU member states not to help the regime in isolating the Belarusian people from European values and not to leave them alone against aggressive Russia.

In these circumstances, a solution appropriate to the context would be to expand opportunities for Belarusians to obtain Schengen and national visas to EU countries for people-to-people contacts, educational and cultural exchanges. Belarus' United Transitional Cabinet will continue its efforts to prevent restrictive measures against Belarusians in the EU and other countries and optimize existing visa procedures."


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