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Opening of a new Belarusian space in the center of Warsaw, «Museum of Free Belarus»

On 17 July 2022, the National Anti-Crisis Management Team will present a new Belarusian space in the centre of Warsaw (Free Belarus Museum).

On the occasion of the Belarusian Culture Days, the museum opens its doors to talented Belarusian artists, actors and musicians.

We invite you to an important event of the day — the opening of the exhibition of the artist Igor Tishin "The House in which the walls are flying apart. Between two moments".

Opening time: 14:30h.

Address: ul. Foksal, 11 Warszawa (google map).

Entrance: free (donations welcomed).


Main facilities (inner courtyard, museum):

14:30 — performance of the Warsaw Free Orchestra


opening of the exhibition of the artist Igor Tiszyn "House of Decaying Walls. Between two moments"

16:00 — Belarusian party from the School of Belarusian Traditional Culture in Warsaw

16:30 — 17:30 artistic reading of the play "How are you?" (author Vitaly Karaban, director Andrey Novik, musical arrangement by Daria Novik, actors read "TEAM THEATRE")

19:00 concert of the band 23:34

19:30 acoustic concert by Uladzimir Pugach (J:MORS)

20:00 screening of films from the artistic project "Revolution"

"Theatre space" (second courtyard, space "Shron"):

from 16:00:

  • reading of Kasia Chekatovskaya’s play "Gorgons" (directed by Evgenia Davidenko; read

  • Evgenia Davidenko, Polina Dobrovolskaya; music by Stas Chakhovsky)

  • fair of Belarusian masters

  • activities for children and adults

18:00 Belarusian evening from the School of Belarusian Traditional Culture in Warsaw

During the day, the following events will take place at various locations of the Free Belarus


11:00 — 14:30 master classes for children and adults (museum)

11:00 — 18:00 fair of Belarusian craftsmen (inner courtyard)

11:00 — 18:00 presentation and fair of Belarusian book novelties of the Foundation (museum)

You can join the creation of the Free Belarus Museum — donate an object related to your personal history of participation in the Belarusian protest to its fund (we are working in the gallery building during the whole day)


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