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We are united in our struggle against Lukashenko, Putin's puppet

The NAМ foreign policy advisor Pavel Berstov on the air of TRT World TV channel

It is important to understand that today Belarus is under the Russian occupation. Lukashenko has actually surrendered our sovereignty to the Kremlin. Legally, we are not part of Russia, but the puppet government has long been unable to control the situation inside the country.

However, Belarus is not Lukashenko and his regime. Our country is us, the Belarusians. And it depends on us alone to preserve the sovereignty of our state. We have risen up and united as a nation. We are united and continue our fight, both internationally and domestically.

The whole world sees the work of the leaders of the Belarusian democratic forces, who not only maintain the image of our country at the highest political level, but also prepare a firm legal basis for bringing Lukashenko and all those responsible for crimes against the people of Belarus and Ukraine to justice.

Despite the scale of repression, Belarusians do not stop fighting inside the country. Organized resistance by partisans on the railroads, cyber-attacks on databases of state services and departments, the struggle against propaganda, and neighborhood protest activities continue. All this maintains the morale of the Belarusians.

It is extremely important to raise and make visible the topic of the Belarusian protest, including through the international media. The whole world should see: we have not stopped fighting. The whole world must understand that Lukashenko is Putin’s puppet. Both dictators and their accomplices must be punished for their crimes.

This is what the large-scale the NAМ campaign "Punish Putin’s Puppet" is aimed at, combining all projects to bring Lukashenko and his puppet regime to justice.



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