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What to do if you are called to the election commission for a referendum

A national referendum is planned for February 2022. There is no exact date yet, but preparations are in full swing and with violations: the electoral commissions are being formed even before the referendum is announced. According to the *Honest People community, problems began here: people refuse to participate and they want to reduce the number of commission members.

It is absolutely clear why people refuse: few want to participate in falsifications. Last year’s experience clearly showed what a "small evil" leads to. However, the situation can be used for the benefit of civil society; therefore we ask honest Belarusians to agree and join election commissions. And be sure to contact the *Honest People community and the Zubr initiative.

  • Are you being asked to be a member of the electoral commission at a referendum? Say yes! They will find a loyal person to take your place, and it will be harder for the Belarusians to find out what is going on inside.

  • Are people you know being asked to be a commissioner? Show them this post. Talk to friends and relatives who work for government agencies. They may be afraid to tell you that they received such an offer.

After you give your consent, get in touch with the *Honest People community through account @contact2022. They guarantee anonymity, and no information will be published without your permission.

And remember about safety. People are the country’s greatest asset.

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