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Where is the money of Belarusians?

The NAM team continues to analyze the economic policy of the regime in order to prevent deception of Belarusians

Paying taxes, a citizen of the country is directly involved in the formation of the revenue part of the budget and has the right to know how, where and by whom the budget funds are used.

But how is it actually done?

The Ministry of Finance did not come up with anything original and simply closed the information on budget execution. It shut off information about receipts to the treasury and spending of money. It is closed from those to whom these funds belong by law.

That is, the regime has literally begun hiding information about where it spends taxpayers' money. It hides it in the hope that the Belarusians will continue to uncomplainingly fill its coffers, receiving in return only small handouts in the form of minimal increases in various social benefits.

The dictatorial system knows for sure that openness and transparency is its worst enemy. And the Belarusians understand that openness and transparency are the basis of a democratic society.

In order to reach the goal of building a free democratic Belarus, Belarus' society will have to make great efforts, but the ability of the state apparatus to function on new principles should be prepared already now.

One of the first laws adopted in New Belarus might be the law on the transparent people's budget, which will not allow the people's money to be disposed of without the knowledge of the Belarusians.


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