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With the new Constitution, Lukashenka wants to avoid a fair trial and stay in power forever


We no longer want to live under a dictatorship

In 2020, the illegitimate authorities received a clear signal from the Belarusians: we no longer want to live under a dictatorship. With the new draft of the Constitution, the regime is trying to prolong the period of "no laws" for many years. And the citizen Lukashenka himself wants guarantees of immunity: that he cannot be prosecuted for all his crimes.

The dictator wants public servants and law enforcement officers to commit crimes thoughtlessly in order to prolong his power. He wants apathy and acquiescence from all the other Belarusians.

To invalidate the ballot, to put crosses in front of all the proposed options — this step may seem small. But it will be huge if the majority of Belarusians do it. We will cross out not only the criminal "referendum" and the dictatorial Constitution, but also all the attempts of the regime to intimidate the Belarusian people. Our common action in the "referendum" will not lead us to an instant victory, but it will be an important step towards it, which cannot be missed.

Invalid ballots will be our common "no" to the lawlessness that Lukashenka wants to continue. And our common "yes" to the return of law and law as the only way to build the country we deserve.

— Citizen Lukashenka has added Article 89 to his Constitution, with which he wants to save himself from justice for the crimes he has committed. But will it help? Of course it won’t. The dictator will face justice: both Belarusian and international. For all the crimes against the Belarusian people and acts of international terrorism, — said the Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka.

What is important to understand?

  • It is impossible to discuss the Constitution in repression, as well as to hold a "referendum";

  • Lukashenka will now create the appearance that people support the draft, forcing his cronies to speak in his favor;

  • with the new Constitution, the dictator will further usurp power through the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly. The Constitution does not respond to the public’s demand for change.

Even now, before the appointment of the "referendum", we must prepare for it and tell our trusted friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors about the common strategy of the democratic forces. It is important to tell and show that we are together. A common hand gesture can be such a signal, saying that you share the position of the democratic forces on the "referendum".

The "Voice" platform for the "referendum"

*if the referendum poll does not start in the bot, enter the command /referendum


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