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Unite. Resist. Take action.

A war has been going on in Ukraine for the sixth day. Ordinary people from Koryukovka with bare hands go out to meet the tank column and stop it.

You ask - what will happen to those who try to stop the military trains in Belarus in order not to let them into Ukraine? I do not know what will happen. But I know that if this is not done, then the war with Ukraine will continue from the territory of our country.

Someone will say — but this is not our war and we did not start it. I will answer — this is our country. It is through our country trains go. And perhaps our soldiers are already riding in these echelons.

Active resistance is what we were not ready for in 2020. Today, in 2022, Belarus fell under occupation and was drawn into the war. Are we now ready to actively resist? Are you waiting for a call to action?

But even without any calls, it's clear — you need to act. Initiative Right Now BYPOL invites all Belarusians who are ready for action — to receive instructions through their telegram bot @OSB_By_Pol.

Do you live in settlements bordering Ukraine? Go to the border, as residents of the border Ukrainian village of Dobryanka do today.

You know, the former attitude of the world community towards Belarusians is starting to change. We are being openly called aggressors. Bank cards of Belarusians stop working abroad, along with cards of Russians. In just a few days, the reputation of Belarus and Belarusians was seriously damaged. We used to be heroes, but who are we now? Silent compromisers?

We can say that we are NOT to blame for this war. And it's true. We are against war. But today these words are drowned out by the endless shooting and explosions of shells in Ukrainian cities. This means that we must not only speak, but also act.

Come together. Resist. Take action.

Long live Belarus!

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