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Appeal of Belarusians to the EU

European Commission

European External Action Service

EU Governments

Governments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

U.S. Department of State


In the 21st century, mass crimes are taking place in the centre of Europe. Crimes against humanity are carried out by illegitimate authorities headed by Lukashenko.

Belarus found itself under a wave of mass repression that has not been faced before in the modern history of Europe.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the regime holds about 1,500 political prisoners in conditions of cruel and degrading treatment, massively using methods of violence, which leads to human casualties - political prisoners die in Belarusian prisons. But there are actually thousands of political prisoners in Belarus. There were systematically used methods of torture, sexual violence, incommunicado. They disappear in prisons, and even their relatives cannot get information about their fate. The regime has given the order to deprive political prisoners of the right to receive medicines. There is no assistance from lawyers.

Belarusian prisons resemble concentration camps.

It is impossible and unacceptable in this situation to observe how basic human rights are being mocked in Belarus, and how Belarusian political prisoners are dying.

Noting the steps taken by the EU, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the United States and international organizations, we appeal to you with a proposal to take the following additional steps in order to save the lives of Belarusians and release political prisoners:

  1. 1. Immediately impose maximum in scale and power sanctions against the Lukashenko regime by the EU decision;

  2. 2. Adopt national sanctions packages of the USA, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia;

  3. 3. Immediately close all border checkpoints on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, with the exception of passenger checkpoints and demand the release of all political prisoners;

  4. 4. Create a special international tribunal on the facts of crimes against humanity carried out by the Lukashenka regime and bring to justice all those responsible;

  5. 5. Start using the instruments of responsibility within the framework of the national legislation of the EU countries (universal jurisdiction) in relation to those responsible for violence against Belarusians.

The appeal was adopted on the International Day of Political Prisoners of Belarus at a demonstration in Warsaw on May 21, 2023. (more than 1,000 participants in the demonstration )

Action of Belarusians in Warsaw
Action of Belarusians in Warsaw Photo: The NAM-media

The appeal is joined by:

  1. Initiative group of former political prisoners in Belarus, Head Aliaksandr Kabanau, former political prisoner

  2. National Anti-Crisis Management, Head of the NAM and Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus on the transit of power Pavel Latushka, sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment (in absentia), brother of political prisoner Anatoly Latushka

  3. BYPOL, Head of the initiative, Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus for the restoration of law and order Alexander Azarov

  4. Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for National Revival Alina Kouszyk

  5. Representative of the People's Embassy of Belarus to Poland

  6. Museum of Free Belarus, Head Natalya Zaderkovskaya

  7. Member of the Coordination Council of Belarus Volha Paulava

  8. Member of the Coordination Council of Belarus Artsiom Brukhan

A similar appeal was adopted on May 21, 2023, at a rally of the Belarusian diaspora in Vilnius (about 300 participants) and at a rally of the Belarusian diaspora in London (60 people)



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