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Belarusians do not want to live under Lukashenka's usurper — and they will show it in a «referendum»

«We mustn't let them intimidate us into a state where we'll be ready to give up our future»

Pavel Latushka, head of the NAM, explains how the regime uses all available instruments to force the Belarusians not to go to the polling stations during the «referendum»:

  • We see more and more reports of repression, we see that propaganda relentlessly vilifies Belarusians who want change. The regime is trying with all its might to intimidate us before the «referendum».

  • After the elections 2020, the regime has for the first time encountered the problem of forming commissions: people refuse to participate under any pretext.

  • Each of us decides what will happen to the country next. Each of us can speed up the return of freedom and law to the country through our own actions.

  • We will go to the polls in the «referendum», we will put a cross against every option on the ballot — that is, we will make the ballots invalid. It will be our common contribution to the future of the New Belarus.

  • The crosses in the ballots are only part of Lukashenka's «referendum» action plan. Common action will help us see each other again and move together en masse to the next steps. We will reveal further details of the plan closer to the day of the «referendum».



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