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Lydia Yermoshina no longer heads the Central Election Commission — and this is before «referendum»

Lydia Yermoshina
Lydia Yermoshina Source:

What does it mean?

What happened?

The illegitimate authorities of Belarus have appointed a new head of the Central Election Commission. Instead of Lydia Yermoshina, the position was taken by Igor Karpenko, a former Minister of Education. Citizen Lukashenko also appointed five CEC members, two of whom were also in the previous composition.

Does it change anything?

No, falsifications will continue with the new CEC. Moreover, Igor Karpenko has experience: he was probably involved in the elections for the post of deputy head of the Minsk City Executive Committee, he was also involved in the repression of teachers as the Minister of Education.

How does this affect the "referendum" campaign?

Despite the fact that Igor Karpenko has been in the system for a long time and is also associated with falsifications, he will be in a new role. The commission will also include new people. This means that it will be more difficult for them to control everything.

But let’s not forget: the falsifications on the ground are not directly organized by the chairman of the CEC, but by the heads of local executive committees, who form the commissions from people dependent on themselves. That is why it is so important that the election commissions have as many honest people as possible who are ready to speak the truth and honestly count the ballots. Therefore, it is so important that the Belarusian majority come to the polling stations and make the ballots invalid by putting crosses in front of all the options. This is how we show that we do not agree with the deception, this is how we loudly and together declare that we want real changes and new elections without Lukashenka.

From the comments of the citizen who seized power, we see that he wants to usurp power even more. It depends on our actions in the "referendum" whether Belarus will follow the path of freedom and democracy or become an even greater dictatorship.


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