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"Coordinating Council 2.0”. What is the essence of the reform?

Valery Matskevich, responsible for strategic planning and coordination at the NAM, in an interview with Euroradio

The new configuration of democracies announced at the recent conference in Vilnius will be formed by two interconnected structures: a reorganized Coordination Council (representative body) and the United Transitional Cabinet (executive body).

Why is the Coordination Council important?

The Coordination Council is a legitimate body that represents the interests of the Belarusian people, and it has gained international recognition, which is reflected, among other things, in the documents of the European Parliament and the U.S. Senate.

At the same time, the CC should become truly representative: it will include the widest possible range of representatives of democratic forces and initiatives of civil society.

To ensure representativeness, political structures, civil society initiatives, as well as communities of Belarus will be able to nominate delegates to the CC, which, in turn, will be formed from the relevant segments of the kind of activity, such as education and culture, ecology, diaspora structures, and others.

It is supposed that the reformed Coordinating Council will receive the right to approve the members of the United Transitional Cabinet at public hearings and receive from them a report on the work performed.

In the foreseeable future it may be possible to directly elect the members of the Coordinating Council using the technical capabilities of the digital platform by open voting.

The full composition of the Coordinating Council could reach 130 members, of which 25-30 would be members of the current main body of the Council.

The Coordination Council reform process is scheduled to be completed on November 30. Details of the delegate nomination procedure will be published soon in the independent media and resources of the CC.

More information about the reform of the CC is in the full version of the interview


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