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Reform of the Coordinating Council

Valery Matskevich, an expert of the NAM and a member of the Coordination Council Representative Working Group, answered two important questions about the process of reforming the Coordinating Council

How does the reforming of the Coordinating Council go?

This summer, we decided to reform the Coordinating Council. Given the ongoing political struggle, it is essential that we expand the functions of this body so that the renewed Coordinating Council can fulfil its role as a representative body.

In September, a working group was formed to develop a special procedure for delegating representatives from various organizations and initiatives of the democratic community, as well as freely nominated candidates.

It was decided that the CC would be composed of 115 members, including:

  • 25 acting members of the main composition of the Coordinating Council, who confirmed their credentials;

  • 75 new delegates from democratic forces and civil society structures of Belarus;

  • 15 freely nominated candidates, who have passed the election procedure.

Please click here to learn more about how your political structure, civil society organization, or informal initiative may nominate a delegate.

What role will be assigned to the Coordinating Council in the new configuration of democratic forces?

The new configuration of democratic forces in Belarus has two main bodies, the United Transition Cabinet and the Coordinating Council, which will coordinate their activities to make the entire movement more effective.

The interaction of these two bodies also presupposes a procedure of approval or endorsement of the Cabinet's representatives. However, this mechanism can only begin to work after the successful reorganization of the Coordinating Council into a unified representative body.

The Coordination Council's mandate will include coordination of democratic forces, development of program and strategic documents, and organization of discussions of socially significant issues.

The first meeting of the renewed Coordinating Council is scheduled for December 16, 2022, immediately after the inclusion of the newly delegated representatives of democratic forces and civil society organizations.

There is still much work ahead, and we believe that the new format of the Coordinating Council will bring our common victory closer.


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