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Do we have a strategy?

Address of Pavel Latushka to the Belarusian democratic forces on the eve of the Conference of New Belarus

For two years, we have all been existing in the state of separate plans and strategies of separate organizations. And during these two years, not a single one of them has worked for the achievement of our common goals that were formulated two years ago. Because no plan, no strategy is worth absolutely nothing without opportunities for their implementation and without a concrete structure to take responsibility for it.

That is why today I think it is important not to compete in strategies, but to make a political decision of will. On the eve of the conference, I call once again to support the decision of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya from February 24 to create a transitional Cabinet as a collegial body of national power of the Republic of Belarus, and to unite around this decision.

The time has come not just to make decisions, but to bear real responsibility for them. It is time to dictate the agenda, not react to it. It is time to unite and start working in a coordinated and systematic manner.

It is time to act!


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