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Year of operation of the Museum of Free Belarus

Natalya Zaderkovskaya, the NAM's representative for social and cultural endeavors, discussed the work, development and future prospects of the Museum of Free Belarus in Warsaw in an interview

A year ago, on July 17, 2022, the grand opening of the Museum of Free Belarus took place in a historic building at 11 Foksal Street in the center of Warsaw. The basis for its creation was the realization that the participants in the protest movement had collected a large number of documents and artifacts of historical and cultural value.

The idea of creating the Museum of Free Belarus was developed by the National Anti-Crisis Management, and Natalya Zaderkovskaya, who is responsible for social and cultural issues at the NAM, became the project manager.

Highlights of the interview:

- We were impressed by how many artifacts remained after the events of 2020. Therefore, a desire arose to preserve them, first to make a temporary exhibition in Warsaw, and after the victory to bring them to Belarus, to make a separate museum there or a collection in the Museum of Local Lore.

- When we got the premises, the priorities expanded. The site became very popular with creative people, and offers to hold exhibitions immediately began to pour in. After that, there were proposals to show performances.

- July 22, we want to open the continuation of the exhibition of Igor Tishin. The creator then developed the idea of broken walls between two moments. This year's exhibition will be the fruit of his reflections on Belarus, on the events that have taken place this year. Its working title is Edge to Edge. The exposition will open simultaneously with the celebration of the anniversary of the Museum, which we will solemnly celebrate on Saturday, July 22. We invite you to visit us on this day. There will be not only the opening of the exhibition, but also a concert, a playground, and an art market.

- The space will remain multifunctional, first of all, it will continue to work as a cultural center. Sometimes this is difficult because, for example, for many artists it is important that the site function as a gallery. So it was with the artist Temra and her exhibition "Lazaret". We spent three weeks only on its exposition, during which nothing was done here. The interest caused by the exhibition confirmed the correctness of our decision. But we cannot always find such an opportunity.

- I would like to remain the platform that brings people back to the Belarusian agenda, supports it so that Belarusians do not forget why we are here.

- To date, the platform is not supported by any European foundation. The museum was and remains a NAM's project, and its belonging to a certain political structure, on the one hand, helps a lot, on the other hand, it creates difficulties in interacting with funds focused on supporting only cultural projects. But I think that the year of work showed the absence of any involvement, the museum is actually a very open area, and also showed our ability to do great cultural projects.

You can read the full version of the interview with Natalya Zaderkovskaya at link

If you have the opportunity and desiresupport the work of the Museum of Free Belarus


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