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France does not recognize Lukashenko

The head of NAM Pavel Latushka held a meeting with Frederic Petit, a deputy of the National Assembly of France, and Nicolas de Lacoste, a special representative of the French Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting with the French deputy they discussed approaches to the recognition of Lukashenko and his accomplices as international terrorists for the hijacking of the Ryanair aircraft last year. The latest ICAO report is proposed as the basis for this decision.

The head of the NAM and the French deputy discussed a step-by-step strategy for joint action to increase pressure on Lukashenko's regime.

Ambassador Nicolas de Lacoste, special representative of the French Foreign Ministry, met with Pavel Latushka on the occasion of the completion of his diplomatic mission. During the meeting, the head of the NAM thanked the French ambassador for his refusal to present his credentials to dictator Lukashenko.

Nicolas de Lacoste confirmed that France would continue to adhere to the non-recognition of Lukashenko as the head of Belarus, and stressed that France gives priority to democracy, freedom and human rights.

The head of the NAM suggested that the representatives of France should consider adopting a special sanctions package named after Yekaterina Andreeva, dedicated to the mass violations of journalists' rights and the continuing repression in Belarus.


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