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What's going on at the Museum of Free Belarus?

Natalya Zaderkovskaya, responsible for social and cultural issues of NAM, about the work and plans of the Museum of Free Belarus

The Museum of Free Belarus has been working at the Warsaw site for three months now. I think that the beginning of the museum was good. Since the beginning, about three or four hundred people visit us every week. The museum works with the help of volunteers, to whom we are grateful for every event, for their good deeds.

Our immediate plans are to develop the museum area. We are looking forward to add items to our collections and appeal to everyone who took part in the Belarusan protest, continues the struggle for a democratic Belarus, and is ready to share their personal history and items related to the Belarusan protest with the museum.

We are also looking forward to projects related to the Belarusan language and national revival on our site. You can suggest this project either through the Museum of Free Belarus' Instagram or through the NAM chatbot @nau_by_bot

We look forward to seeing you at the "Museum of Free Belarus" and inviting you to our events.


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