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Why the actions of the Lukashenka regime are crimes against humanity

Victoria Fedorova
Victoria Fedorova Source: NAM-media

"The classification of crimes against humanity as crimes under international law makes them crimes regardless of their criminalization in national law", reminds Victoria Fedorova of the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus. And for those who doubt that the Lukashenka regime is committing nothing less than crimes against the whole society, here are some of her quotes summarizing the situation in the country:

  • The scale of violence, rights violations, persecution, torture, and other illegal actions is unprecedented in the history of modern Belarus. The disappearances of the regime’s opponents in 1999−2000 demonstrate that the regime was originally aimed at liquidating its opponents.

  • Persecution of dissenters is organized, regular and systematic. There is a policy of eliminating all dissent at all levels.

  • Lukashenka and Karaev publicly approve of torture and repression, and declare war on civilians. Law enforcers are given to understand that protesters can be treated as they please. Lukashenka confirmed that he personally gave orders to disperse protesters and break into apartments. The Defense Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry, along with the law enforcement agencies, expressed their readiness to carry out his criminal orders. The military joined in the intimidation of people.

  • The parliament passed a series of laws to suppress dissent and expand the powers of the security and law enforcement agencies. The IC has turned into a punitive body. The Ministry of Information is directly involved in destroying independent media, and state media incite hatred and hostility on political and ethnic grounds.

  • The Ministry of Justice has revoked the licenses of lawyers involved in political cases and has been involved in the smashing of civic organizations. Courts have become part of the repressive mechanism, and the imitation of the judicial process instills in power and other structures confidence in their correctness and impunity. At the same time national, constitutional and international norms are violated. The prosecutor’s office has completely abandoned its supervisory functions and is now on a par with other repressive bodies.

To read Victoria Fedorova’s presentation at the NAM Legal Conference in Nuremberg in full, click here.


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