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«Our victory is no longer a matter of chance or luck. It's a matter of our determination»

Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya and democratic forces

New Year’s address of Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya and democratic forces 2022

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: "In 2021, everyone understood for himself what it means to be a Belarusian. Even when we were plucked out of the crowd and left alone with this choice, we have not abandoned it. That’s why the regime still behaves as if there are hundreds of thousands of people standing under the windows of the Palace of Independence. And now our victory is no longer a question of chance or luck. It is a question of our determination. Willingness to take the fate of the Fatherland into our own hands and walk every day towards the new Belarus of which we all dream so much".

Pavel Latushka: "A democratic Belarus, where, as the national hero of Belarus Kastus Kalinouski said, "not the people for the government, but the government for the people". And I believe that very soon we will elect a new government for a new democratic Belarus".

The "referendum" scheduled for February 27 is an opportunity to show our determination together. For the sake of it, we will come to the "referendum" and act according to the plan of the democratic forces: we will make the ballot papers invalid by putting crosses against all the suggested variants.

The "Voice" platform to the "referendum"

*if the referendum poll does not start in the bot, enter the command /referendum


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