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Pavel Latushka responded to Lukashenko's lies

Prompt reaction of the Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus on the transit of power to the speech of the dictator.

It was Lukashenko who put Belarus before the real threat of the state's extinction. The dictator trades independence, which for him is just a tool to keep power.

Lukashenko is a political weakling, he can only speak in front of organized spectators, and the dictator will never do it in front of free Belarusians, because he is aware of the reaction he will get. If some European politicians fall for Lukashenko's statements, it means that they, too, are political weaklings.

Belarusians are now a mature and mature nation. We will not be fooled by Lukashenko's lies, who has only violence, aggression, and lies in his arsenal.

We will make sure that this political weakling leaves the political arena of Belarus once and for all.



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