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Will there be changes?

Pavel Latushka about the strategy of changes

We have no right to forget those who died in the struggle for a free, independent Belarus. Alas, it is still not free and independent. And, unfortunately, we note today that there is a great threat of Belarus losing its independence and sovereignty.

So the question is, "Will these changes take place? Will they happen? Or do we believe that they will?". I don't know how each of you will answer this question, I think. It's very important for us not to give up.

We must understand this: our strategic partner is and, I am convinced, always will be Ukraine, which today is fighting for its freedom and independence, which is being helped by our warriors. It is very important for us to support them, to support Ukraine.

For us it is very important to achieve de-occupation of Belarus — it is a strategic issue for us. De-occupation can take place at the international level, using all opportunities of democratic forces of Belarus, so that the question of Belarus does not disappear from the international agenda. And it is very important to recognize the occupation, which has occurred from the leadership of Ukraine as well as from the leadership of Lithuania. It's important because we have an international right to de-occupy our land.

At the United Transitional Cabinet meeting on Thursday, I made a proposal to develop both a strategic approach to our relations and a strategy for developing relations with Ukraine, specifically the establishment of a United Transitional Cabinet office in Kiev. This is a priority for us today.

We have to increase the pressure on the dictator. And the question here is also for our partners in Europe and the USA: to what extent are they ready to accept for themselves an unambiguous decision that an independent Belarus is a value, a value which can not be traded. In fact, this is an indisputable position. Belarus must be an independent European country.

And if they are ready to help us, we expect that they will persecute Lukashenko and all those who help him. After all, we've been trying for two years to prosecute rapists Belarusians under universal criminal jurisdiction. Unfortunately, all of these cases have been suspended or are "in process".

Enough of the "processes"! We need results! The result is the international tribunal for crimes against humanity, created by Lukashenko.

If we are together, if we are united, if we are ready to act, I am convinced that the change is closer than it seems today.

Long live Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!


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