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Pavel Latushka’s and NAM's Stance on the Situation in the Coordination Council

In light of the petition initiated by several members of the Coordination Council, calling for the dissolution of the second composition of the Coordination Council of Belarus due to a crisis of reputation, we find it crucial to present our principled stance on this matter:

  • We firmly believe that the roots of the crisis within the second composition of the Coordination Council can be traced back to the delegation procedure implemented during its reform.

  • We advocate for direct elections to the Coordination Council, without the use of quotas or complicated electoral procedures involving three electoral votes. We consider direct elections to be the most democratic approach in forming the third composition of the Coordination Council.

  • It is imperative that organizational and technical preparations for the elections take place as soon as possible.

  • We propose that the decision regarding the elections for the Constitutional Court be made by an organizing committee composed of diverse actors from the democratic forces in Belarus. We emphasize the importance of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's approval of the organizing committee's decision.

  • Preserving the Coordination Council as a representative body of Belarusian democratic forces and enhancing its efficiency is one of the key priorities for the entire democratic movement.

  • We consistently insist on the necessity of conducting direct elections for the third composition of the Coordination Council and call upon our partners within the democratic movement to support this approach.

December 16, 2023


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