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Sabotage the mobilization

Statement by the Representative of the United Transition Cabinet of Belarus on the Transit of Power

Today is the International Day of Peace and Putin’s Russia would like it to go down in history as the International Day of the "Russian World".

This would be a dream in Russia, maddened by someone else’s and its own blood. The pro-Russian regime of the Kremlin puppet Lukashenko would dream about this.

Cannon fodder and nuclear mushrooms — this is how they present their recipe for victory in their sick minds.

But that’s not going to happen. Today will not change the course of history. The loud statements of the ruler of the bloodthirsty empire will not cancel its defeat and fall.

Loud statements will not cancel the victory of Ukraine, they will not cancel the support of Ukraine from the whole civilized world, which is steadily growing.

The United Transition Cabinet of Belarus demands and will seek the unconditional withdrawal of the armed forces of the Russian Federation from the territory of Belarus. The actions of the aggressor-country — Russia, and the puppet government of the Lukashenka regime pose a direct threat to the loss of independence and sovereignty for the Republic of Belarus.

We will provide all possible support to Ukraine in repelling the military aggression of the Russian Federation, protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty, including through organizational and technical support of the Belarusian volunteer and partisan movement in the struggle for the independence of Belarus and Ukraine.

As a Representative of the Cabinet on the transit of power, I appeal to Belarusians to be ready to use their natural right to revolt and resistance:

  • Join the ranks of Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine and the Victory plan (Peramoga plan).

  • Sabotage any kind of mobilization announced by Lukashenka, including in the economic sphere.

  • To carry out any actions aimed at fighting the Russian occupiers, supporting Ukraine, and removing the puppet regime of Lukashenka from power.

I call on all our international partners to use all available tools in an ultimatum to put pressure on the Lukashenka regime in order to deprive Russia of its only ally in the war.

The "Russian world" is doomed not to enter, but to go down in history with Putin and his puppet Lukashenko in disgrace.

But a lot depends on the speed of decision-making and the determination of our joint actions to support Ukraine and destroy the military-political chimera of the Kremlin empire.

Time to act!

Glory to Ukraine!

Long live Belarus!


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