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The bullet that wounded the Belarusian on August 9, 2020 — in the fund of the Museum of Free Belarus

The Museum of Free Belarus continues to accept items of museum significance from participants and witnesses of Belarusian protests to its fund

Alexander Kanetsky, a 30-year-old historian from Minsk, donated to our museum an object that changed his personal life history. This is a rubber bullet that the guy was wounded with on the night of August 9−10, 2020.

The bullet was handed over to Alexander as a terrible souvenir by a doctor from a military hospital. Alexander took her with him, leaving Belarus for forced emigration. Now he decided to transfer the bullet to the museum, as he believes that it can be a reminder of the dramatic events of August not only for him personally, but for all Belarusians.

You can read more about the history of Alexander Kanetsky on the website of the international media project August2020.

We still do not know the exact number of wounded and beaten peaceful Belarusians who took to the streets in August 2020 demanding to ensure the observance of their constitutional rights. But we will definitely find out about each case and about everyone who is responsible for it.

The National Anti-Crisis Management expresses its sincere gratitude to Alexander Kanetsky, as well as to everyone who donates their personal belongings and their digital copies to the fund of the Museum of Free Belarus.

We continue to collect information on museum items related to the Belarusian protests in 2020−2021 through the @NAUsupport chatbot. All data on the owners of items transferred to the museum, if they wish, will remain anonymous. Together we will preserve our history.


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