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What leverage does the ICAO report give on the regime?

The answer to this question was given by the NAM lawyer Mikhail Kirilyuk in an interview with Euroradio

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a regulatory structure. The aim of its reports is not to "blame" someone, but to conduct an independent expertise of incidents in the sphere of aviation security. But the two facts established in the investigation will definitely be taken into account in criminal courts:

— Belarusian authorities and law enforcement officers knowingly lied about the bomb threat;

— endangered the lives of the passengers by grounding the plane. And afterwards they falsified data about the incident.

Both facts are gross violations of three international conventions at once: The Hague, Montreal and Chicago Conventions.

Given that the violations were committed intentionally, they allow us to raise the question of serious charges of piracy and international terrorism. At least in the U.S., Lithuania and Poland, where the Ryanair incident is already under investigation, these charges could be brought.

The ICAO report will be an important clue in the processes in those countries, as well as, perhaps, in other countries whose citizens were on board the plane.

"Further, this could be a reason to declare the persons accused of violations, including those through Interpol, internationally wanted. At the request of the U.S., where the charges against the head of Belaeronavigatsia and his deputy have been filed, requests can already be placed. This is the first major direction the NAM plans to address. The second is to put the perpetrators on the international terrorist list. It would be better if somebody from the big political players, such as the USA or the EU did it," Mikhail Kirilyuk concluded in the interview and noted: it's easier to achieve results in the second direction and it's more effective than waiting for investigation and trial.

The ICAO report has already given every reason to state: Lukashenko and his associates are air pirates and dangerous for the European Union, and Belarus is dangerous for the international air traffic.

Today's U.S. Senate resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism makes this prospect even closer.

The sanctions against the Belarusian aviation industry will not weaken, and the planes will not fly over the country from the West until the perpetrators are brought to justice and punished in Belarus or in any other state.


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