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The NAM team consults with EU MFAs

Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka Source: NAM-media

Representatives of the foreign ministries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia consider Lukashenko’s regime an aggressor and assume responsibility for the aggression against Ukraine

Pavel Latushka and the NAM team held consultations with the foreign ministers of Sweden, Poland, the deputy foreign ministers of the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the UK.

In consultations with the Estonian and Lithuanian deputy foreign ministers and the Latvian ambassador today, it was noted:

  1. The partners consider the actions of the Lukashenko regime in the war against Ukraine as complicity in aggression.

  2. The topic of political repression is one of the key topics for these countries in the development of national positions and discussions on the adopted sanctions against the regime at the EU level.

  3. These countries advocate maximum synchronisation of sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and Russia.

  4. The regime’s proposals to establish a dialogue with the EU are seen as bogus.

During the consultations, the partners noted that the occupation of the territory of Belarus by the Russian Armed Forces was a key threat to the security of both Ukraine and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and regional security as a whole. The representatives of these countries support the thesis on the de-occupation of the territory of Belarus.

Pavel Latushka also informed on the NAM’s campaigns to have Belarus recognised as temporarily occupied territory, "Punish Putin’s Puppet" and "Not a cent for the war".

In the near future, members of the NAM team will meet with representatives of the US State Department as well as foreign ministries of other EU countries to develop a strategy for dealing with the Lukashenko regime.


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